We have always the same strategy in a very competitive environment.Now, on slide 23, regarding operating profit, non-current charges in the first nine months of 2016 are the same items as in the first half, and they will stay consistent through year end.As you may know, when a household is convergent it lowers churn.Trump, which has claimed -- who has claimed to double, in fact, the current infrastructure plan launched by Mr.A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.Let us now turn to slide 6, to review the Group financial position.But, again, the starting point is the fact that we have a very nice presence in the States and, definitely, we will be able to take benefit from this position to take our fair share of this growing market.After that, for the time being we -- our guidance is not EBITDA on one side and CapEx on the other hand, but the fact that we enter now definitely into a period in which our target, and our only target, is to increase our free cash flow to come back to the situation before the arrival of Free.

So we are quite confident that these customers will stay with us at the end of the -- on the promotion.For the full year, we should remain on that trend in a market expected to increase by 15% to 20% year on year.

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The idea is not to lure for volume, to target volume, but to be able to offer the best solution, the lowest costly solution, but with a sufficient level of margin, by innovation, good solution, good design, and so on.

But, definitely, you see the net result in the line equity method entities for Tipco.Should we expect the CapEx to increase in the coming years, notably, at Colas.

The first one is a reinforcement of the control of Orange wholesale prices.It is important to note that this mobile customer growth was achieved while maintaining ARPU.Of course, we will continue to do some promotions, but maybe less aggressive, like we did in Q3, for example, because promotions are part of our strategy, since it allow us to attract new customers that stay, for the vast majority of them, with us the 12-month period of promotion.Looking at slide 16, Bouygues Telecom is strengthening its leadership in 4G for both coverage and densification.About 5G, of course our network is compatible with 5G and we are --.Can you explain a little bit your -- is this something we should expect to carry on in the long run.

It is the reason why we are never a majority shareholder of this concession, first.Obviously, if we sign a great number of contracts with specific equipments, tunnels, and so on we will increase the CapEx.My third question, do you have any -- can you share a little bit more with us on the US construction business, especially Colas, and perhaps the split between the US and Canada, I think the momentum is quite different.We have already looked at sales and current operating profit, shown on slide 5.Because you remember that we have a fantastic and exceptional positive effect in terms of working cap Q4 2015, so the variation is quite large, around EUR500 million.The order book in the international market remains at a high level of EUR15 billion, down 3% at constant exchange rate.

About the two telecom questions, the first one was about promotions.Regarding Colas, the order book increased by 3%, and 6% at constant exchange rates.PARIS--French conglomerate Bouygues SA (EN.FR) on Thursday said its net profit nearly doubled in 2016, in large part due to its telecommunications unit.Sales were down 3%, and almost stable like for like and at constant exchange rates down 1%, both in France and international markets.Yes, again, the proof that we are not very aggressive in terms of promotion is the fact that we have maintained our ARPU.And we think that they need to adapt the modalities of access to FttH to Orange competitors.I have not the answer now, so I suggest that you come back to Karine to have the precise answer.We anticipate around EUR270 million of non-current charges for the Group as a whole for the full year.

Our target is to be a good operator in term of free cash flow generation.Working capital requirement, the third item on the chart, increased EUR246 million at the end of September 2016, in the same period of last year, of which close to EUR200 million came from exchange rate impacts.We remind you that for the full year, we still expect a deterioration in working capital requirement of EUR350 million at Group level compared to last year.

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Moving to slide 10, we review the construction sector in France.With me in the room is Christian Lecoq, CFO of Bouygues Telecom, as Eric Haentjens has recently moved to Colas.And perhaps you have also some takeaway from the election in the US. Thank you.

Coming back on target of free cash flow for 2017, could you also accept to be less promotional, and why not consider price hikes on some of your products in 2017, in order to achieve this target of rapidly improving the free cash flows of the telecom business.Bouygues Construction and Autodesk Establish Strategic Relationship. 3D Software for Building Information Modeling Helping Transform Global Construction.And third question, around regulation, do you still expect the current fiber framework to be amended somehow by Arcep.Again, our general view is the fact that we have to increase our CapEx when asset is strategic and is differentiated CapEx.And last, on the remaining part of the very-dense area, notably, the less-dense area of the very-dense area, the rolling out has to be facilitated through co-investment possibilities.And about towers, the capital gain and the profit about the sale of the 270 towers will be lower than the ones that we have the first part of the deal, because they are not of the same type of towers.

The next question is from Stephane Beyazian from Raymond James.The second one is that we ask that Orange should not be able to sell in advance compared to other operators when they also have an FttH network on this area, it will be -- should be on the same step.We have done that in the mobile network during the first period, and now we will do the same from fiber.As I said during the presentation, our target will be, for next year, a free cash flow target.This order book reflects good performance in gradual stabilization in France, as well as targeted growth in international markets.Can we have an order of magnitude of your gross margin on the fixed.So, in fact, we have run Cofiroute almost 40 years, something like that.